2019 postdoc resolutions’ update – February

It is already the end of February – crazy! Did your year started equally fast? Here is my progress on New Year’s resolutions. The scale is 0 to 3 (0 – no progress, 1 – tiny progress, 2 – some progress, 3 – galactic progress).

Let’s get into it:

1. I will learn new research method this year

I have worked a little over two hours on #projectfail. Otherwise no progress: 0/3.

2. I will master one new statistical concept this year

No progress: 0/3.

3. I will invest in relationships

I have presented a talk to the new fellows who entered the same postdoctoral program I am on, here in Japan. More on this program in the next blog post on Sunday. I also had a chance to network a little bit. It was such a good experience. Talking to other researchers inspires me so much.

I had a few very productive online meetings with my collaborators too.

Overall a very successful month in the relationships department: 3/3.

4. I will set up a healthy schedule/lifestyle

I have made a one week challenge with no sweets. I have trained ok. I did not sleep enough, but work went super well. Overall:  2/3.

5. I will set up an outreach plan

I have managed to post every day on instagram this month. I have also prepared a new series of writing tips for postgrads and academics called #MondayWritingCorner. In this series I will post one writing tip every Monday. I hope it will be useful in taming the writing beast.

The blog is going steady too: one blog post a week on Sunday. These update posts come as a bonus for now, but I may incorporate them in a schedule if the work gets any more crazy than it is now. I think I might have reached my limit.  

I did not set up a new blog yet. We are still debating the name for the webpage for our research group… Names are the hardest to decide.

Well done me: 3/3.

6. I will come up with my dream job

I did not go through with the application in New Zealand. Apparently there were many candidates. No other progress in this department: 0/3.

7. I will make a plan for the future (20 years)

No progress. Although I am thinking about it daily. Maybe I shouldn’t be so harsh with myself, let’s score it: 1/3.

8. I will dare to start the project which I have always wanted to do, but did not have a chance to realise


9. Postdoc progress

2/3. The project is going great.

Summary for February

Learning (points 1 + 2 + 9) = 0 + 0 + 2 = 2  

Development (points 3 + 4 + 5) = 3 + 2 +3 = 8

Future (points 6 + 7 + 8) = 0 + 1 + 0 = 1

This totals to 11 (out of 27) for February 2019.

How do you track progress on your goals? Please comment below, I’m super curious.

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