2019 postdoc resolutions’ update – March

March went super fast. It was the most productive month yet. At least for the last 4 years, when I have been logging every minute of my work electronically. I will write a post about it later. But now, here is my progress on New Year’s resolutions for the month of March.

The scale is 0 to 3 (0 – no progress, 1 – tiny progress, 2 – some progress, 3 – galactic progress).

Let’s get into it:

1. I will learn new research method this year

No progress: 0/3.

2. I will master one new statistical concept this year

No progress: 0/3.

3. I will invest in relationships

This month I had the most unexpected “job interview” ever. It was not really a job interview, but I have been talking for an hour with a professor who might become my next boss. It went well I think.

I went also to the Nobel Prize Dialogue Tokyo 2019. You can read what I have learned there in the post titled 5 lessons I have learned from 5 Nobel Prize winners.

We have launched a blog for our research group. Yey! More about it in point 5. This exercise teaches me how to compromise, listen and trust. It is also an opportunity to meet more often, and do more together with awesome people I am building this website with.

Overall a very successful month in the relationships department: 3/3.

4. I will set up a healthy schedule/lifestyle

The sleep is still an issue. As a natural owl, I struggle to stop working in the evening… Maybe an introduction of “10 pm – computer off” rule will improve my sleep, let’s try.

Training went well this month. I have finished the open (CrossFit), and I have went for a trial lesson of jujitsu. It was lots of fun.

Eating sweets went out of control with all the “end of the academic year” celebrations here in Japan.

I have worked a lot, but productively and efficiently.

Overall:  2/3.

5. I will set up an outreach plan

I have managed to post every day on instagram this month. The series of writing tips for postgrads and academics called #MondayWritingCorner is running. I am starting to struggle a little bit with what I want to do next.

This blog went ok this month. Even though, I have missed two weeks of posting. This blog is so rewarding as it seems to help some people.

I am super happy to finally introduce the website for our research group:


Have a look if you have a minute. We have a blog there too.

Well done me: 3/3.

6. I will come up with my dream job

I had a few conversations with people this month about how to look for a job, how to create a job and so on. If I want to stay in Japan, I will have to start with taking A job, not a dream job. 1/3.

7. I will make a plan for the future (20 years)

No progress. 0/3.

8. I will dare to start the project which I have always wanted to do, but did not have a chance to realise

I am in the middle of data collection for my main postdoc project. Let’s be honest, no new projects will be started for the next 3 months. 0/3.   

9. Postdoc progress

The project is going great. I have reached half way of data collection. 3/3

Summary for March

Learning (points 1 + 2 + 9) = 0 + 0 + 3 = 3  

Development (points 3 + 4 + 5) = 3 + 2 +3 = 8

Future (points 6 + 7 + 8) = 1 + 0 + 0 = 1

This totals at 12 (out of 27) for March 2019. One point more than last month, and I am still going with my New Year Resolutions – I think, I deserve a pat on my back. 😉

A confession time: Usually, I would give up on my New Year’s goals right around March. This year is different, and I think this blog is a reason. Thank you to my tiny audience for all your support and kind words.

If you kept reading up until here. Please say hi in the comments below. It will mean a world to me and be the best reward ever.

Hugs, Alex

2 thoughts on “2019 postdoc resolutions’ update – March”

  1. Hi! Just writing to say I really enjoyed the post! Looking forward to the next update. Keep up the great work.
    -Jason (postdoc, Germany)

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thank you for your comment and support. Please let me know if you want me to write about anything in particular.

      Cheers, Alex

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