I love to science, research, learn, teach, educate, explore, investigate and ask questions. I have a PhD and work as a visiting researcher at Keio University (Tokyo, Japan) at the moment.  

I decided that research is my contribution to the world. Research is my craft, my career, and my passion. 

I am committed to becoming a better researcher each day to finally reach mastery one day. I try different solutions. I stumble. I have bad days. But I also discover how to do things faster, more proficiently and with exceptional quality. This is a process of improvement that takes trial and time. You may do it too.

What is research

Research is the curiosity of questions, the craft of applying rigorous (or not so much) scientific methods, communication with various stakeholders, collaborators and audiences, the monitoring of processes, magic of thinking, asking “what if”, being curious, in awe (to the point that you open your mouth or start to walk around the room), thinking about it all day, every day, including the time when you should go to bad. I also believe that excellent communication skills, and writing, in particular, are crucial components of being a great researcher.

Research is funny. There is no map. No one can really teach you from A to Z what you need to know. There is no book that covers the whole topic. Research is a constant discovery of yourself and the world around you. This process draws on your subject knowledge, experiences and deep, deep thinking. The difference between excellence and mediocracy in research is dependent on these. 

There is no formal training in any doctoral program on how to become a highly productive researcher with a deep understanding of the research process and with excellent communication skills. Correct me if I’m wrong.

And yet, we are all expected to somehow become excellent just like that. 

A reason for this website

On this website, I gather resources to support anyone who wants to become an excellent researcher. This blog was born to assist in building a pathway to mastery. 

I invite you on this journey with me. 


This website will provide you with the tools to better your research process, improve your writing and make you more productive through incremental improvements in your everyday research practice. 

Let me help you transform into a researcher you could and should become.

Proofs from my readers

Although this website is very young, some people have already enjoyed reading this blog:

“very inspiring and useful ideas Alex”


“Hi! Just writing to say I really enjoyed the post! Looking forward to the next update.”

Jason (postdoc, Germany)

What YOU can expect from this blog aka BENEFITS

This blog provides resources in three main categories:

Research excellence  

Articles related to improving research skills, understanding of research methods and processes. As research is very discipline-specific, I focus on providing you with “food for thought” to facilitate your reflection. Reflection on your research is essential in reaching mastery. 

Writing greatness

Whatever may help in developing your writing practice is here. I firmly believe that to have great writing skills, you need to practice writing often and with fun. The first part is obvious, but how to make your writing fun (or at least easy-ish) is something I want to help you with.  

Productivity glory  

We all struggle to fit it all in. This section provides you with actionable tips and tricks to help you become more efficient in your everyday work. I hope that improving your everyday practices, you can release some needed time for the things that really matter for your research.

2019 update

Throughout the whole year 2019 I have publicly published monthly updates on my work progress. Although I do not continue this project, you can still access all the updates I have made under this category. 

Yours truly

My name is Alex Mącznik. I have a PhD in physiotherapy from the University of Otago in New Zealand (2015). Now, I am working as a visiting researcher at Keio University (Tokyo, Japan). 

At the moment I lead a research project on sports injury prevention in young female athletes. But in a grand scheme of things, I try to figure out how to make sport safer, more accessible, healthy and rewarding for girls of all ages.

I have also committed to improving my communication skills, especially using online technologies. These are my humble beginnings:

@Alternative.Postdoc Instagram account



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