New series of interviews with postdocs and PhD students

Sometime this year Alternative Postdoc Insta account has reached 600 followers. 600! 600 hundred people willingly signed up to hear from me. Mind blowing.

It may not seem much for some people, but for me, it is a huge number. Imagine 600 people sitting in one giant room. When I was a student, the biggest lecturing halls in my university had 200 seats. 600 people would fill 3 lecturing halls! Can you picture that? (me can’t…)

It got me thinking… We should meet each other. 😉

So from tomorrow, we are starting a new series of interviews with postdocs and PhD students from our community. I hope that these will let everyone in the Alternative Postdoc community meet each other, make connections, and get inspired.

If you want to star in one of the interviews – please don’t be shy and contact me!

I hope we will all enjoy this new series!


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