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5 ways how to use templates to save you time and make you a better academic

In academia, we struggle for time, every – single – day. Even if you are great with planning, some things just come up as unexpected opportunities or surprise projects. You may have no choice but embrace them and incorporate them into your busy schedule.
In these situations, it is important to find some additional time where there is none. But how to do it without compromising the quality of your work or your sleep or family life? Let me offer you some help with TEMPLATES. Preparing templates for the things you do repeatedly can be a solution you need. So let me offer you some examples on how to make your life easier, and save you some time. I believe that the things you repeatedly do or are less important can and should be reduced, to make time for the things that truly matter. Let’s go!

Three unexpected steps to unlock your productivity

You know that you should get going with your work but for some reason, you just simply can’t. As you struggle to even come up with something to do, your anxiety is growing. How to stop this vicious circle of not doing, stressing about not doing, not doing even more? There is a way of getting out though. There are probably many ways. I want to ask you to try my approach. You have nothing to lose anyway.

The steps below will give you a great chance of unlocking your productive potential and providing you with some additional benefits along the way. The first two steps can be accomplished in an hour or two, and surely within a day. The third step will probably take a bit longer, but you can start it immediately of course.

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