2019 postdoc resolutions’ progress update – January

It is the 31st of January today. I thought that if I have already posted my New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 on this blog, it could be good to actually review progress on them from time to time. This will keep me accountable, and will keep you entertained, I hope. I will try to score myself (as a researcher would do) on a scale 0 to 3 (0 – no progress, 1 – tiny progress, 2 – some progress, 3 – galactic progress).

Let’s get into it:

1. I will learn new research method this year

I have revived a project I have suspended some time ago. It is a project with a new method I am learning (and struggling with) hence the nickname of the project: “Project #fail”. I have spent 2 hours on this project this month. Not much, but still better than none. Tiny progress 1/3.

2. I will master one new statistical concept this year

I have learned a difference between the odds of injury, rate of injury and their ratios. Small thing, but it is so rewarding to finally have some understanding of what is actually reported in all the intervention articles I am reading. 2/3.

3. I will invest in relationships

I have shifted from a lurker to… well… someone who also tries to add something valuable. This month I have made an effort to engage in discussions on the Instagram. If I find myself reading someone’s post from the beginning to the end, I try to comment (and like). This rule had also an unexpected outcome. I have discovered that people really inspire me. The things that some bad-ass Instagram women write, make me think, learn and give me new ideas. 3/3.

4. I will set up a healthy schedule/lifestyle

I have worked enough, spend a nice chunk of time with my family, slept ok and trained. The only thing I am not really happy is eating. Lots of sweets landed on my plate this month… 2/3

5. I will set up an outreach plan

I have been posting daily on Instagram for the whole month. Crazy, how easy it was. I thought that it will be such a hustle, but it wasn’t at all. I have sustained one post a week schedule on my blog too. But, I did not set up a new blog yet. Instead, I came up with an idea for a webpage for our research group (maybe including a blog too). Blogging is fun, but blogging with friends seems to be another level fun. I am so excited for that. 3/3.

6. I will come up with my dream job

Did not think about is at all. I have applied for one more academic position (lecturer) in New Zealand. 1/3.

7. I will make a plan for the future (20 years)


8. I will dare to start the project which I have always wanted to do, but did not have a chance to realise


Postdoc for me is still about learning (points 1 and 2) and development (points 3, 4 and 5), but future work is also important (points 6, 7 and 8). How did I do in January:

Learning: points 1 + 2 = 1 + 2 = 3  

Development: points 3 + 4 + 5 = 3 + 2 +3 = 8

Future (points 6 + 7 + 8) = 1 + 0 + 0 = 1

Total: 12 out of 24. I did half of the all progress possible. Hmmm…

I should have included finishing my postdoc project as one the goals, how I could have miss that?

Let’s add it as point 9. Progress on the postdoc main project. It will go to “learning” category. I will score it ⅔ for January.

This totals at 14 (out of 27) for January 2019.

What do you think about my progress? Do you use any scoring systems to track progress on your goals?

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